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Phoenix Born

This was a fun project for me, mostly because I enjoy drawing mythical creatures and second because it turned into a more thoughtful piece than planned. Originally it was a flock of Phoenix s but I thought it had more feeling if it was just between a parent and chick. It made me think about how the Phoenix represents rebirth, but that is where the story stops. The Phoenix becomes a chick after being an adult, able to fly and hunt, and now its small, confused and not sure how to do the things it wants to achieve. I will admit I have re-created myself a few times and when you start anew its a little scary and there are thoughts about going back to where I was before, but I always had my friends and family to help me move forward. When you are brand new to something, thats when family and friends are the most helpful along with mentors and supportive team members.

I just hope when the Phoenix burns up, they will have the support they need to rise from the ashes.