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Electric Mouse

My last two Illustrations were mythical creatures and I needed to do a third one for a deadline. Personally the monsters and creatures that I grew up with and inspired me to create was Pokemon.

I took Pikachu's title of "Electric mouse" and re-design my own idea of a electrically charged rodent. I wanted to make sure this little fella wasn't going to be compared to a popular mascot so I went in a complete opposite direction. First the fuzzy creature could not be yellow; second it should actual be the same size of a mouse or rat; and finally it should not look like a cartoon. I'm satisfied with an electric blue field mouse that illuminates the forest floor and had a lot of fun working with this idea.

These are most of the steps but around the end I scrapped the whole left side and start all over, so there is a bit in a gap in the thought process not shown.