Solitude of the Minotaur

So I have been noticing that my old Minotaur has been successful more or less. Humble brag I know but I don't feel like that old drawing has aged well, so I decided to revisit the idea of a calmer approachable Minotaur.

The first one I did I was coming from a difficult time in my life and I was still learning Photoshop. Though the idea was about not judging the Minotaur, deep down it reflected how I felt isolated and frighten. This Minotaur is more out from behind the bushes, interacting with the environment and seems more at peace as he looks at the flower. Its also an example of how comfortable I am now with the human body. As I'm getting older and used to the idea of different career paths (visual Dev and concept art) that are more my speed, so to does this Minotaur feel more at home in his maze.

April 11, 2019